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  109 rue Jean Langevin
  Chicoutimi, Qc, G7H-3T9
  Phone : 418-543-2467
  E-Mail : [email protected]

Intervention readiness

During tragedies, the intervention of individuals specialized in Search and Rescue operations and emergency measures is essential. We offer specialized services covering all aspects of interventions related to these fields.

Intervention readiness - Sauvetage02, Saguenay Lac-Saint-JeanOur perspective is to be able to intervene in circumstances that require rapidity of execution, but most of all having a theoritical and practical knowledge of which actions need to be taken. For these reasons our organization attaches a special importance to the continuing training of its volunteer members. Selection of candidates is a very strict process; to become a member, all candidates must satisfy established admission criterias. They must have completed a minimal training in first-aid and CPR. They must attend regular group training in order to keep their qualifications.

Many of our volunteers have acquired training in one or more of the following disciplines :

• Emergency measures
• Ground Search and Rescue and survival
• Maps and Compass, GPS
• Scuba diving
• Aerial Search
• First aid, CPR
• Nautical Search and Rescue
• Emergency Medical technician
• Ice Rescue
• Vertical Rescue

Sauvetage Région 02 offers a Search and Rescue service 24hrs / day, 7 days / week, 365 days / year insofar as  the availability of our members and the requests of the population.

We serve the region’s population; to reach us, in case of an emergency, it is essential to communicate with the police, directly or through the 911 centrals. Sauvetage Région 02 works in support of the authorities who assign us a mandate to fulfill.

In order to secure our collaboration during even, like for instance sports or social activities, a written demand or telephone call can be forwarded directly to our organization.


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